Keynote Speaker


Tim Clue

Tim Clue, Motivational Speaker for Educators is reinventing educational conferences one funny experience at a time. Hailing from a small town outside Chicago, Tim has brought to bear all his experiences from his years as an educator, his training at Second City and decades headlining stand-up comedy, and has synthesized his calling as an Education Speaker. After a decade as an award-winning professor of communications and speech, Tim took his then-budding comedy writing skills to the clubs, working with many well-known comics—such as Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Wright and Larry Miller, to namedrop just a few—and you may have caught some of Tim’s humor on YouTube or XM/Sirius Satellite Radio. As a playwright and director, Clue’s latest stage comedy “Leaving Iowa” was nominated Best New Play in the Country in its first production and is continuously performed in theaters across U.S. and Canada. Now, as a Motivational Speaker for Educators, Tim has spoken before such notables as former President George H.W. Bush and economist Paul Krugman and is bringing “social” back into the meeting space by inspiring and connecting his audiences through the infinite power of laughter.

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